6 Awesome Benefits Of Green Tea


Benefits Of Green Tea

Are numerous. If you are a fan of green tea and wonder what some of its benefits are, then you’ve just landed on the perfect spot. Green tea has become so popular that people are no longer drinking it for just that surge of energy it gives them, but also for the very benefits green tea has for their optimum health.

Below, you will come across ten benefits of green tea. Excited? Let’s dive into the first one:

 1. Anti ageing

One of the benefits of green tea is the series of antioxidants compounds it contains. Catechins and Flavonoids are two of those. Do you want tight skin? Do you dream of glowing angelic face? Those antioxidants are all you need to achieve that.

2.Improves Brain Function

Do you sometimes feel like your mind is not that good at processing information? Or maybe you forget a lot? Or you just want to improve your cognitive skills? If all those relate to you in some way or another, again we advise you to drink more green tea.

Caffeine found in green tea is responsible for blocking Adenosine, giving the floor to Dopamine and Norepinephrine to make you happy and energetic. Thus, cognitively strong. Additionally, L-theanine, another component in green tea, increases GABA, or what’s known as anti-anxiety effect. And we all know that our brain functions pretty when we are less stressful!

3. Helps You Burn Fat

Green tea is very beneficial for anyone struggling with extra weight. In fact, green tea is the best supplement you could take to help your body burn more fat easily.

Many studies confirm that benefits of green, when it comes to losing weight, are two. One, green tea helps a lot with fat burning. Two is it gives you tremendous energy to perform at your peak.


4. Antioxidants in Green Tea May Lower Your Risk of Various Types of Cancer

The antioxidants in green tea are not only there to help you look younger. They are also so beneficial when it comes to fighting cancer cells.

Cancer is caused by a huge random growth of cells. And we’ve been told again and again by doctors that the best way to prevent cancer is eat to an abundance of antioxidants. so yeah. It makes perfect sense to never skip your morning cup of green tea.

 5. Improves Your Dental Health

Hate it when your breath stinks? We all do. Guess what?! Green tea can help you with that. But wait! Not only with the bad breath though, but also with your overall dental health.

6. Helps You Live Longer

From all those benefits of green tea, one thing we all want. One thing we all long for. We all want to live longer. Again green tea can really help you live longer.


Well, in addition to all those benefits sited above, green tea can also lower your risk of getting heart attacks.

Two of the major causes of death are either cancer or heart diseases. If you can survive those, then you can also live 100 years or more.

These are just some benefits of green tea. For sure, there are a lot more. Let us know if you guys have something else in mind other than those.

Benefits Of Green Tea