Drink Matcha Starbucks Tea And Bye Bye To Your Health!


Matcha Starbucks

As soon as matcha hit the market, you should stand in line to order your matcha Starbucks. If you are a caffeine maniac like me, chances are you had that sip of matcha Starbucks countless times. Tasty, right? I agree. Healthy, right? To this I am not so sure of.

I know you heard and read a lot about how matcha green tea’s magical effect on your body. Yeah. Matcha green tea helps with relaxation, gives a good boost to your body, rich in C and C vitamins, a goldmine of antioxidants that keep your face tight and young! All of these are benefits no one should ever deny.

Here is the deal. I am with all of that. I agree with all of that. And I experienced many of that myself. Yes. Matcha green tea is really healthy. But matcha Starbuck!! Hmm! I am not that sure. I am not here to scare you. To be honest, matcha Starbucks is no harm. But it is the way it is prepared that you really should be thinking twice before considering matcha Starbucks next time!

The issue with matcha Starbucks is that it is packed up with plenty of sugar that almost all it has goes with sugar. If you are preparing your matcha green tea at home with organic matcha powder, you should not worry about that. But if you are more into matcha Starbacuks, then a word of warning, you should really consider not doing that.
Since matcha hit Starbucks, many matcha lovers have expressed how disappointed they are about it. Normally, homemade matcha green tea contains no less than 30 gram of sugar. But in matcha Starbucks, sugar is more than 50 grams.

What pissed off those folks even more is that Starbucks is sugar coating their Starbucks matcha with phrases like

“matcha Starbucks is the best immune system booster”.

But if you just take a moment when you order your Starbucks matcha and look up at what it is made up of, you will be really surprised at how much poison you are feeding your poor body with.

There is a catch though. If all you care about when drinking your matcha tea is just having that shot of caffeine, then Starbucks matcha is really for you. But If you are drinking matcha tea for the purpose of improving your health, then please think twice before ordering Starbucks matcha tea or any other Starbucks matcha product.
This is not an invitation to abandon your favorite starbucks matcha drink, but rather be aware that your trading your health for as little as a overdose shot of sugar.
To sum up, we suggest you make your matcha tea at home rather than order a Starbucks matcha. That way, you assure both the benefits of matcha green tea and at the same time don’t you’re your body feel like you prevent him from something he wholeheartedly adores.

Matcha Starbucks

Matcha Starbucks